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Instructional Design for e-Learning

The course is designed to show a structured approach to the development of e-learning and encourage best practice principles for creating effective and engaging e-learning courses.

At the course we will learn how to

  • Identify the features of effective e-learning.
  • Explain the role of the e-learning instructional designer.

  • Apply a structured process to the development of e-learning.

  • Write appropriate objectives and assessments.

  • Structure and present the content as an e-learning script.

  • Identify different options for interactivity.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in the design and development of e-learning courses, including trainers, instructional designers new to e-learning, and those involved in assessing e-learning. 

Course Content


  • Definition of e-learning.

  • E-learning in your organisation.

  • Features of effective e-learning. 

 Introduction to instructional design

  • Definition of instructional design and why it's important.

  • The role of the instructional designer.

  • ADDIE methodology.

  • Gagne’s events of instruction.

  • Learning styles and e-learning.

How to structure the project

  • Define the development process
  • Identify and choose the development tools
  • Organise and sequence the content
  • Goals and evaluation criteria

 Defining the project

  • The development process.
  • The development tools.

  • Scope and sequence content.

  • Objectives and outcomes.

Developing the content

  • Navigation and the interface.

  • Scripting.  

  • Writing for the screen.  

  • Interaction strategies.  

  • Questions and assessments. 

Reviewing and revising

  • Working with subject experts.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Technical testing. 


Although hard copy manuals and leave-behinds are provided, most of the learning will be 'hands on' using an online Moodle site. It is therefore essential that attendees are familiar with the basic concepts of website administration e.g. uploading files, creating links, etc.

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